Ruoff is excited to serve the Vincennes, Indiana area!

Knox County, and the surrounding area, is a great places to live, work, study, relax and spend time with friends a family. 

Enjoy the parks and walk the trails, tour historic downtown, paddle the Wabash River, play a round of golf or catch a movie, take in a museum, visit the fantastic shops and restaurants, and so much more!

With a low cost of living, stable job and real estate markets, excellent schools, and proximity to Indianapolis and the Hoosier National Forest, this is a great area for those wanting to take in a variety of opportunities, while still enjoying the beauty of small town living.


Ruoff Home Mortgage is in the Vincennes area and we are looking forward to serving your mortgage needs with all types of loan programs to help you construct, refinance, renovate, or purchase a home!




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Why Choose Ruoff?

We're not like regular old school residential mortgage companies! Not only are we a local home loan lender, but we put a personal touch to applying by offering a free, no-strings attached pre-approval either online, over the phone, or in person. There are many additional advantages to choosing Ruoff as your home finance company - just see below!
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Meet Loan Butler!

Loan Butler was created to provide you with a fast, secure, and convenient user experience to meet your unique needs. What’s even better — it also gives you the freedom and the power to move your mortgage along at a rapid pace when applying online with Ruoff! 

Loan Butler is our cutting edge online loan technology that gives you the ability to digitally submit required documents, initiate a credit check, review your scores, and digitally verify your employment information — which means less paperwork and less time.



You are always in the loop!

When you apply for a home loan it’s important to know where you are in the process. Our loan milestone updates provide homebuyers and their real estate agents with real-time information regarding the loan progress via email from loan application to final approval.

Our team at Ruoff works together closely to ensure that your loan will close quickly and accurately. We also have a passion for providing an outstanding customer experience which has shown in our an average customer satisfaction rating of 98.8% 

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No more hand cramps!

The once momentous occasion of closing on a mortgage loan has become tedious and time-consuming. 

Now, instead of sitting at a closing table for more than an hour, hand-signing page after page, you’ll only spend about 10 minutes in the title office. 

With our exclusive streamlined service, and digital signature process, you will be able to review all your loan documents online, at your leisure.  You’ll even have the opportunity to ask questions prior to the closing about what you are signing.